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The widest choice at the very best price

Global are a major supplier of printed carrier bags to leading supermarkets and convenience stores, garden centres, pharmacies, high-street retailers and industries.

Our international manufacturing partnerships means we can offer very competitive prices and our strict QA policy ensures the highest quality of delivered product.

A large warehouse and our own vehicle fleet means we can provide a reliable stockholding and distribution service throughout the UK. In conjunction with bag supply contracts we can also install a wide range of bag dispensing solutions to help our customers minimise bag wastage.

NEW! The XL Vest Carrier

With the increasing use of reusable bags, our new XL Vest Carrier Bag for Life is meeting the demand for a low cost reusable bag that is the right shape for carrying shopping.

Good for Consumers

  • Carries TWICE the shopping of a regular supermarket carrier bag.
  • Shoppers need to buy less bags and will save money.
  • The bag is as thick and as strong as a flexi-loop bag for life.
  • When sold for 5p it is excellent value for money.
  • It is more hygienic for carrying food than a bag made of natural fibres.

Good for Retailers

  • The XL Vest qualifies as a ‘bag-for life’ under the English bag levy regulations.
  • As a bag-for-life, it is exempt from the levy.
  • Buying and selling the XL Vest can therefore be a COST NEUTRAL solution.
  • Customer satisfaction levels are improved.
  • The bag is very strong and return rates are typically less than 1%.

Good for the Environment

  • Using one bag instead of two means less throw-away bags are in circulation.
  • As a paid-for, reusable item, the bag is less likely to wind up in landfill.
  • As a bag-for-life, it helps to perpetuate CLOSED LOOP RECYCLING of plastics.
  • The bag is made with 25% LESS PLASTIC.
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