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GNFR order management for buyers and stores

Global’s Web Ordering System is a quick and easy way for customers to place orders through our GNFR consolidation and distribution service.

The system can be set up for either centralised or remote ordering. With the first option, orders are built by the buying team and delivery addresses are chosen from a predefined list. In the second case, store managers are allowed to log in and place orders for direct-to-store delivery. The only criteria for store-based ordering is that each store must have a unique email address.

To submit orders, users simply enter a purchase order number at the checkout. No payments are taken online and all orders are periodically consolidated and billed to the parent company.

The software works like a regular e-commerce catalogue with photographs and detailed product descriptions. Delivery can be charged at a flat-rate (or be included in the order value) or a charge can be calculated automatically based on the order weight and destination postal code.

A delivery charge matrix can be supplied so users can clearly see when their order weight approaches the delivery charge break-points. This can greatly reduce the common problem of processing a high number of very small orders. As an additional incentive to order efficiently, picking fees and small order fees can also be added.

The system is now utilised by several well known UK retail groups. 

If you are considering using our GNFR consolidation and distribution services, contact us today and we'll explain how web ordering can help maximise the benefits.


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