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Pressure Pack

Fragile Electronic items and bottles in Pressure Pack packaging

The ultimate protection for your goods in transit

An innovative cost saving packaging solution, Global's Pressure Pack inflates around products to give maximum protection during transit. We can supply a variety of pre-formed packs, end-caps and mailers, plus we offer a bespoke design service for specialist applications.

Pressure Pack is ideal for protecting valuable electronics, or fragile items like mirrors or ceramics. It is also a cost saving solution for items that are large and time-consuming to pack using conventional materials.

Two ranges are available - Pressure Pack Premium and Pressure Pack Premium-V which has a small green locator valve. The advantage of the valve is that it makes attaching the air compressor a little easier. An advantage of the Premium range is that with no valve it can be vacuum packed for shipping with an associated cost saving.


  • Impact absorbing with high puncture resistance
  • Available as pre-formed pouches, end-caps and bottle containers
  • Can be cut to length from a roll (330 metres x 600/1200 mm)
  • Range of cell diameters from 2 cm - 8 cm
  • Can be pre-inflated, or inflated with contents in place
  • Inflates with a low-cost compressor (silent once pressurised)
  • Clear or opaque material
  • Bespoke sizes and designs
  • Deflated packaging can be recycled with other plastics


  • Minimises or eradicates damage during transit
  • Lightweight material reduces transport costs
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time and improves packing line efficiency
  • Requires less storage space than cardboard and bubble wrap
  • Creates less packaging waste
  • Bespoke sizes and designs
  • Environmentally friendly
A Pressure Pack bottle pouch

Pressure Pack pouches are ideal for fragile items like bottles.

A computer monitor in a Pressure Pack protective sleeve

Pressure Pack end-caps can be used to protect electronic goods and high-value products like bathroom mirrors and radiators.

The distinctive green Pressure Pack valve

Our Pressure Pack Premium V range features a small valve to help locate the air compressor.