Company News | 4/7/2016 11:10:00
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Easibag Food Bags

Easibag Food Bag Dispenser Pack on a breadboard with sandwiches

Our new Food and Freezer Bag Dispenser Packs

Global's Easibag produce bag system has been a popular solution for supermarkets and convenience stores for many years. Now, we have built on the unique design characteristics of the acrylic Easibag dispenser to create a retail product.

The new Easibag dispenser packs contains 50 large food bags and are the perfect choice for sandwiches, fridge and freezer. The cardboard dispenser features the same unique mechanism as our produce bag system and enables bags to be pulled out of the pack one at a time.

The packs have been designed to fit in a typical kitchen unit drawer and have a wipe-clean finish, making them a hygienic solution for food preparation. The core of the bag roll is made of cardboard and the entire empty pack can be recycled with other paper and cardboard packaging.

Easibag retail packs will be promoted through a separate website at and a campaign to recruit stockists is now underway. If you are a potential UK stockist and would like more information, please complete our enquiry form or call us on 01772 334936.

Picture of an Easibag food bag full of apples and oranges

At 18 inches long, Easibags are one of the largest food and freezer bags currently available.

Easibag Food and Freezer Bag Dispenser Pack

Easibags can easily be pulled from the dispenser pack one at a time.