Switching to a bespoke gripseal bag is paying dividends for Primary Teaching Services

PTS is a well known educational supply store based in Walton Summit near Preston. Since 1995 the company has offered a wide range of products to help teachers motivate their classrooms.

One of the services that PTS offers is to personalise record books for pupils. This traditionally involved placing each book into a plain grip-seal bag, printing out a personalised sticker and applying the sticker to the bag. Having the sticker component in the process was time consuming and expensive, so Global suggested switching to a bag with a bespoke printed address panel.

Using the new ‘write-on’ bags not only saves PTS time but it is saving them around £5,000 a year in stickers and label printing costs. Without the paper sticker, the bag is now also completely recyclable. Global offers free packaging audits to all our customers and this is an example where upgrading to a bespoke product ultimately saved a considerable amount of time and money.