Our ultra-light reusable bag is carrying Ena Mill’s brand to the high street.

Ena Mill is a large retail outlet located in a beautiful Grade II listed cotton mill right in the heart of Lancashire. Their shop is full of favourite well-known brands from the world of fashion, footwear, jewellery, home wares, gifts, menswear, lingerie and toys.

With such a diverse range of merchandise the management wanted to offer a resusable shopping bag that was capacious but convenient enough for customers to always bring with them. When we presented our Flat Pocket Bag as an option, it ticked all the boxes.

Global’s pocket bags fold almost completely flat making them perfect to carry in a jacket or a small handbag. Unfolded they are capacious and strong and the polyester material is ideal for high-quality printing.

The bags are made from recycled PET derived from the recycling of plastic bottles, so as well as getting a great bag, Ena Mill have chosen a product with excellent environmental credentials too.

If you run a department store and think the pocket bags would suit your needs, visit the product page for more information. You can check out Ena Mill at www.enamill.co.uk