Pre-Christmas Deliveries 2018

Please order by noon on the 20th December

Please note that the deadline for our standard next-day delivery service is 12:00 NOON on Thursday 20 December 2018 for delivery on Friday 21 December. Orders placed after noon on Thursday 20 December can be delivered on Monday 24 December (a.m.) on payment of a special delivery fee of £10.00, otherwise they will be delivered on Wednesday 02 January 2019. Orders placed on Friday 21 December (the last order will be accepted at 3:00 p.m.) will be delivered on Thursday 03 January 2019.

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A new Pocket Bag for Ena Mill

Our ultra-light reusable bag is carrying Ena Mill's brand to the high street.

Our ultra-light reusable bag is carrying Ena Mill’s brand to the high street. Ena Mill is a large retail outlet located in a beautiful Grade II listed cotton mill right in the heart of Lancashire. Their shop is full of favourite well-known brands from the world of fashion, footwear, jewellery, home wares, gifts, menswear, lingerie and toys. With such a diverse range of merchandise the management wanted to offer a resusable shopping bag that was capacious but convenient enough for customers to always bring with them. When we presented our Flat Pocket Bag as an option, it ticked all the boxes. Global’s pocket bags fold almost completely flat making them… Read More

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We’re saving PTS £5k a year

Switching to a bespoke gripseal bag is paying dividends for PTS

Switching to a bespoke gripseal bag is paying dividends for Primary Teaching Services PTS is a well known educational supply store based in Walton Summit near Preston. Since 1995 the company has offered a wide range of products to help teachers motivate their classrooms. One of the services that PTS offers is to personalise record books for pupils. This traditionally involved placing each book into a plain grip-seal bag, printing out a personalised sticker and applying the sticker to the bag. Having the sticker component in the process was time consuming and expensive, so Global suggested switching to a bag with a bespoke printed address panel. Using the new ‘write-on’… Read More

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