Easibag Dispenser System


A great solution for fruit, vegetables and bakery items

The Easibag Dispenser System for shopfitters comprises our Easibag MINI dispenser (150 bags) and Easibag MAXI dispenser (1,000 bags). These are the ideal solution for self-serve items like bread and fresh produce. Both versions are made from tough polycarbonate and come with a lifetime guarantee. The Easibag MINI can be mounted on a shelf-edge, on a wall or it can be inverted and fitted under a counter top or till. In this location the dispenser is ideal for use with barrier bags. The Easibag MAXI can be located between produce bins using a variety of sturdy metal brackets. Global can supply the dispensers and the Easibag rolls and we also offer a consultation and shop fitting service if required.

  • Large, star-sealed PE bags on a roll with a green plastic core.
  • Ideal for bakery items, fresh produce, or for use as a barrier bag.
  • Unique (patented) dispenser enables single-handed dispensing.
  • Easibag MINI fits to a shelf edge, a wall, or under a till counter.
  • Easibag MAXI can be fitted in a variety of locations using brackets.
  • We offer three standard brackets plus bespoke designs.
  • Brackets are made of high-quality powder-coated steel.

To find out if the Easibag Dispenser System would meet your bag dispensing requirements, contact us today.

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